The art of letting go

It is time to let go
The pains of the past
The burdens you carry
There is no right. No wrong
When your intentions were good
Lived by the heart
You did the best you could
We are all human
Never forget that
We, with our earthly dualities
We do make mistakes. Fail
But is this real failure?
No. It is not
You only lose when
You ignore the pains
Carry them on along your path
It is time to let go
To release the pains
On your beautiful soul
So that you can move on
You have to shine, baby
You too. Don’t neglect
Yourself anymore. You are okay
And your beauty has to bloom
Don’t dwell on the past
There’s a bright future
Just ahead of you. Open up
And let all that love and beauty in
Love, Irmgard