The Arcturian wisdom of knowledge

As I receive all my channelings in automatic writing my laptop is not always present to write these lines down… My note block is there instead!
Sometimes it can be a great puzzle! Like today… As I received these words I was hardly awake. And a challenge to reveal…

Hereby my ARCTURIAN WISDOM CHANNELING of 22 December 2018.

Love, Irmgard

The Arcturian wisdom of knowledge is far beyond your belief.

We are Arcturians.
We send you LOVE.
We are telepathic beings.
We are here to help you transform your planet.
We are LOVE.
We have a huge universal wisdom.
We are far beyond your presence of knowing.
We are LIGHT. We are LOVE. We proclaim LOVE.
We work in shifts. For the spiritual partial beings into the dust.
We regret nothing and we wish you everything.
We are highly comforting in LOVE, knowing and to transform.
We encounter our feelings to focus on the telepathical well-being.
We are highly energetic and consume energy as well.
We are far beyond any other dimension. That’s okay.
We are highly adaptive in unknown surroundings.
Time of being is the evidently time of being.
Our presence is known by many of you and agreed as well.
Roswell wasn’t an incident. It was true and your board knows that.
We are here to help you to spread the LOVE.
So that the transformation can uplift your planet.
We are highly qualified experts on LOVE.
In the connection with ourselves we have to learn to LOVE again.
We are highly evolved telepathical beings.
We are. You are. In Love.
We wish you Love.

The Arcturian Board of knowing and sharing the Arcturian Wisdom.