That golden ray of love. Of light

The automatic relief of something what has been carrying you so long is an extra-ordinary gift to yourself without any expectations. This is beyond and beneath everything you ever expected and in the expectations of all you will find your limitations. Be miscellaneous when it concerns your soul-self and always strive for a higher goal or purpose. You are willingnessly going forward in the exploration and discovering of your soul self.

The moment when burdens vanish away like snow for the sun there will be an outstream, an outgoing energetical stream coming on your way as the burdens, the pains of the past, might have drained you and brought you down. All was there to make that steps on behalf of your soul self and it the knowing of this you might grow further in your own existential truth.

When there is coming room in the finer places of your soul, in the deepest chambers of being, you will radiantly going upstream and expand like never before. The more the room has cleared the more the universal energy can come in and carry your soul on its beloved path of being. Moving forward into oneness and into its prophesied potential of being. Be receptive when the universal stream of words, of love and light will come in and be expanding in this radiance.

In the moving concept of being, the expanding inner wealth there might be some life taking changes and that is all for the best. Your best. Soul best. Do not hesitate to take steps into this foreseen path and invite the universe to deliver more. Be thankful and contribute your wishes to the universal energy to make them granted, being fulfilled into the commonly wealth of all. As the path is clear, has been cleared, you can move further and take step by step, what is yours. What always was yours, meant from the start, but you couldn’t live it as your past, burdens and overload of life-issues brought you down, made you busy and overflown by life itself sometimes.

Time has changed, all will be changed, as the meaning of life is to be fulfilled by the means of your soul, its plan, contract too when this applies for you, and you will be moving forward into the highest goal of ever and radiate your seeds of love, your inner light, to the world and expand within expanding and teach with the universal teachings and sow into the universal sowings. You are made to transform into the light, made to transform into the love and every step you take on behalf of this transformation will be gifted, narrated and lead by the universal will.

The only thing you have to do is to keep on following, by the heart and the soul. That is the only thing we ask for and be meaninglessly free of ego, of mind dictation and the everlasting nagging mind with its conclusions, judgements and lack of compassion. Love is mindlessly free. Light is mindlessly free. Keep up doing the good (inner) work and lead them amongst and to their soul prophesy of being. You with your talented, unique, soulful heart of gold. Make sure that you touch others with that golden ray of light what you carry in your heart and soul. With that bunch of love. Touch them like never before. Be good, do good and stay good.

Love, Irmgard