Ten ‘golden’ rules to live by…

1 Life isn’t about getting what you want all the time. About fulfilling your material desires…
Life is about the abundance you create by your positive thoughts and believing in yourself

2 Life isn’t about complaining what you don’t receive. Is that what is all about?
Life is about getting & giving love and be a light what sparkles and shines

3 Life isn’t talking about others, gossiping, without seeing what kind of person you actually are. Are you perfect?
Life is about knowing who you are. About soul searching and see the essence of your (inner) being

4 Life isn’t about blaming others of everything what (you think) is going wrong
Life is about taking responsibility for your actions. What you say, what you do and how you react

5 Life isn’t about you alone. You and only, all the time
Life is about more than only you. It’s about the connection we have with others. Energetically we are all, universally seen, connected

6 Life isn’t about just following your ego. With all its negative emotions…
Life is about living by the heart. Living by the soul. The heart is your ‘homie’ of the soul. Living by the heart will make you so much happier

7 Life isn’t a rat race you have to run. You choose this way of living
Life is about doing what you love to do. Doing what you love… With all your heart, a pure intention and dedication. With deep inner passion…

8 Life isn’t about jealousy, hate and envy. You always want to have something what others have or want. The grass isn’t greener at the other side of the lawn…
Life is about compassion, kindness and being helpful towards others

9 Life isn’t about being occupied with matters and jobs which doesn’t interest you at all. Don’t you have dreams at all?
Life is about living your dreams. About living your passions. Not about what you have to do for a living without a real intention by the heart

10 Life isn’t about being depressed, feeling alone and feeling sorry for yourself.
There is always something to be happy for. Even in the darkest hours there is always some light to feel, to notice and to capture…
Life is about being positive and seeing the goodness in others and the blessings in the little things of life