Superhost your soul

The wellness of being is one you host the most with your soul. You as caretaker for your soul you have, on your turn, to make sure that you host your soul very well. Hosting your soul is not a quick fix, not something you do once it is as matter of eternal (embodied) love. Love for your body, soul but also that mind of yours.

Taking a good care is essential to keep you going, moving, dancing on your own star. You are made for dancing, singing, moving and so on. You are aware, consciously aware, that you can’t dance, sing nor move without taking a good self-care for your being. You are the envisioned caretaker and do not take your life and well-being for granted. You impossibly can’t move into your prophesied means without taking steps on behalf of yourself.

This implicates that you might to take time for being and this means love, self-worth, respect, relaxation but also meeting your inner sanctuary, your soul diamond, on equal level. Into the stillness of being. A good host, meaning to super host your soul self, knows its contemporary flaws and just by recognizing them you can move on in the prospectus of your supersoul.

Do not take everything so flawlessly easy and make your wellbeing a must do. Not a might do. You need to take care of self, for that beloved soul of yours and this means taking care for your body and mind as well. Be recognized in your worthified being and be a super host for your energetic soul self. Take a good care… for yourself.

Love, Irmgard