Starworker: love yourself, focus on self, nourish yourself to keep on going & flowing

Aligning with the frequency you adapt, in transformative state with the soul, is the encountered result of hard work. Very hard internal work. The moment your feel awakened, you feel radiantly conscious. In life, in your plan and in your contract too when this applies to you. You are a highly resonating alienated human being and the moment you start configuring that fact in your abilified life you will not only smoothen your path but you will ease and grace your life. This meaning, this abortion of sequenced reality in your own consciousness does not only apply for you although for many star workers who work in the paved superb environment, energetical fields of the light.

The moment you are sub consequent to the mind and highly aligned with your soul you will take steps in advantage of your soul, its proportional potential means and path. So take this with you to remember when life drains you, the energies drain you and pull you back into your mind cohorts and conditions and when life knocks you down in its own particular way. Try to get a grip again, focusing on your own precious light and keep the balance right by loving self (once more or again), treat yourself well and nourish yourself in the best way you can to keep you going, flowing and in the meanwhile you do your thing… spreading your fine light.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen