Spread your wings and fly high

I am blessed, you know
Maybe that sounds strange but I really am
I have a roof above my head
My fridge and cellar are filled with food
I am not hungry at all
Every night I have a warm bed to sleep in
I have an income to rely on
What allows me to write. Yes
And to develop my mediamic skills
So I feel lucky and I count my blessings

I found my soul path. Rather said… the path found me
A few years ago I started walking on it
I had fears and was insecure, sure I was
But I took this opportunity
I saw a chance, discovering my talents
In the acceptance that all will be alright
My anxiety didn’t keep me going
As stubborn as I am
I knew this path will lead me to unknown destinations

I just do what I feel I have to do
With my open heart and intuition as guidance
The most truthful source you ever can rely on
It drove me to unexpected places
I met really interesting, like-minded people.
My awareness grew and my happiness too
Not that am shooting “look at me I am so happy”
Not at all. I still have my doubts. I still have my worries
But this will not hold me back. Not anymore I must say

Life knocked me down several times
Over and over again. Still it is harsh by moments
It wasn’t easy at all. But I gained strength
All the times. Managed to stay positive
Kept my mind open and my heart full of love
Sure I had my moments that I didn’t want to go on
Especially when life threw more and more at me
I am not so powerful that I didn’t hurt me
It made me depressed sometimes
It did. Occasionally I felt broken
But everything I had to cope with
Made me stronger and stronger

This strength is my motivation nowadays
It will not hold me back in the dreams I have
In the dreams I want to live
The path I want to follow
To live my life in the light and love
The inner source we all received by birth
I want to inspire you with this love from my heart
So that you perhaps will use your God given talents
To make our world a more beautiful place to live in

When the universe tells me I got wings
I would gratefully take them
So that I can fly and become everything I want
To spread the love and light everywhere I go
Because I do not want that life holds me back anymore
Actually it did for such a long, long time
I felt limited that I couldn’t live my full potential
Time flies by, my life also does
Now I guess nothing will stop me anymore

If I could give you a nice pair of steady boots
Would you consider walking the path the soul wants you to do?
If I gave you wings, so that you could fly like an eagle
Should you even reconsider or think about flying?
I know this thought might shake you perhaps
But do not fear, dear brother and sister
Love and your loving heart will guide you
Please take these shoes or take these wings of a bird
So that you can fly. Fly so high you never could dream of

Fly high greetings, Irmgard

Empowered by MY HAPPY SOUL wings