Spread that soul sparks

In the everlasting knowing of all we are definitely short in our knowledge about the universe. The universal wealth is a magical, outgoing energetic, space to be aligned with. Its magnificent surroundings is a sanctuary of inner wealth, of inner prosperity and inner growth as the moment is there when you reconnect the majority of your strong rooted means of the universal wealth to its original belief.

You have to conquer the mind, those humanly minds, to get along with the synergy of the total concept of being: cooperating with your soul, its outstanding means and the prosperous outgoing line, the illuminating wealth of your own beloved soul. 

You are a child of the solar system, a child of the stars, a child of the universe and amongst all you will shine as bright as your settings are meant to be and in the total concept of being, your conceptual state of residence (soul residence) you are meant to spread those soul goodies to the world. To enlighten not only your evolutionary path but also that path of others.

Touch them, see them, from soul to soul and make sure they get that spark of illuminating going as soon as they cross that path of yours and (likeminded) others. In the cooperate means of everything lies the fort going, lies the outcome but also lies the sparkling concept of yourself.

Keep on, doing the good work, the finesses will come soon, keep on trusting the greater good, your talented means and potential and keep on following that path of yours in the light what is set, the plan and contract what carry your beloved soul and spread and sparkle those light sparks upon others….

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen