A truly happification of your life should be a tremendously contribution to well-being. The being of self, your soul and you in the end the invincible belief of the mind as well. True happiness starts with you. How YOU feel. In the feelings of your internalized you, you will actually being aware of what you experience on soul level. This is the measurement, should be the level, of the nourishment you give to yourself. Any obtained, seeked or experienced provoked happiness on an outer level of being, of experiencing in self, isn’t true inner satisfaction, inner happiness and internal feed. Feed for the soul.
SOUL FEED that is what you need. The moment your start internalizing your happiness instead of externalizing you will gain so much on your happiness level, in the accomplishment of the self-embracing concept.
So how do you feel? On the current moment. ARE YOU HAPPY? Do you feel this lucky feeling in your heart, soul even in your bones? All-around. Are you happy in what you do? Do you love what you do? Doing what you love to do?
Well, when the answer is no there is certainly what to gain. Internally seen. Dive into self and start feeling what you need. You definitely need SOUL FEED! Soul feed are exactly those things what makes you glow, sparkle and shine. From the inside out. That isn’t so difficult as it sounds. Start feeling as indicator.
Feed your soul and be happy. Just like that. Sometimes it is harder than you think and it sounds easier than it is. No long it takes just know that each step you take is progress. Progression on the way to happiness. Don’t forget: yes, you can, you are never too old and you have more in the inner “house of being” than you think you have. Keep the mind off as feeling is an inner feeling and can’t be replaced by the mind feeling (thought of being).
Good luck and find your own SOUL FEED!
Love, Irmgard❤️
By Irmgard Daanen