Soul versus mind

As my soul said today to me “there is nothing to fear concerning your path, the potential you and its outcome. You are your worst bypass.” This was a fact today. I really felt the imbalance between myself, the mind (ego) self and my higher (soul) self. As I watched myself moaning, feeling sorry for myself and all what my soul tries to let me live, experience and undergo I am my best, my greatest and even my worst ‘soul enemy’. I am definitely aware of that. In speaking terms said my ego self is my greatest nightmare.

As my ego is stubborn and my mind everlasting fearful I am full of doubts, of peculiar sorrows and I have the preference to dwell in the pains of the past. For several years now. Even when I am enormously willing, outgoing, cooperate with my soul, the mind takes every moment, gets in when my being is triggered, is brought into silence and in this imbalanced state of being the mind wins. Every time again.

Tears won’t come anymore and in the hesitating doubtful me, standing still and brought into silence to start feeling there is no distraction, no hiding possibility forehand in the emptiness of my universal cleaned up soul. In this clarifying cleaned state of being there is no room for the mind, for its anxieties and doubtful thinking anymore. Although the seat of my soul is ready to be filled by unexpected chances, resonating people and tremendous creativity and its will to launch itself, the mind is absolutely annoying and disastrous wrecking and filling these gaps, humanly resistant, with its own particular means.

My soul was very fierce today and it also firmly said “you can go with me or not it is up to you. I am ready to fulfill my means, my mission and my task all at once and even when you are not willing to connect with me, align with me or doing this together… I will move on. Your will is neglectable and even when your mind keeps on blocking my way to push myself forward I am ready. Take it or leave it. You feel yourself imbalanced, totally disconnected and awful and that isn’t mine. I need your vessel to move me forward and you need me to be conscious aware in life. Let’s keep the balance, let’s do this in cooperation and lets go for it.”

For a while I listened to what my soul tried to tell me and even when I was on my deepest mind fuck today there was almost no coming through. The moment I was jeopardized by the ego mind and showed my vulnerability I was able to shut the mind and silence it. I know that my soul is ready and I am not still there to overcome myself to step forward on behalf on my soul. I feel it is the last trembling and overwhelming trial of my mind to get its place back.

Now my soul is talking it will be driven by its means and the intuitive, universal input. Say bye bye mind. Your time is definitely over and keep aligned, stay attuned and in tune with my desires, my will and its illuminating and bright outcome. So mind, say yes you will, say yes you do and say I will be a smooth ally in my soul evolutionary path. In the trust, surrender and acceptance lies the smoothing, the easy going flow and the bright horizon.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen