Soul traveler

I am on my way to become whole. To become one with self. In the contemplation of being I can feel what suits me, is good for my well-being and resonates in my self-being. It is not fixed, my path. It is a search within, a sense of being and every step I take is in agreement and nourished by my soul, soulness and intuitive inspirations.

Even though I feel my feelings, with every choice I may feel deep inside whether I am not being fed by my pains, fears or personal baggage. Raised, lived but felt in the here and now.

I am not what I think I am. I am what I feel to be. I feel on my way, like a traveler. Soul traveler. Not knowing where I am going, may go, with who I am going and where I will eventually be. The journey is not fixed. It is a journey in surrender, in trust and being open minded. In faith. It does not matter.

In the total detachment of being, I am. I am always. Myself. That is the most faithful, essential truth I can and may live. Unadorned, hassle, I am. In the unification of being, the journey to the wholeness of myself, I embrace myself. As I have managed to embrace myself. In self-love. In being faithful to my soul.

I am on my way. Together. Alone. I walk on and stand still in wonder by all that is. I see and perceive. I am aware and surrender. In surrender lies my prosperity. I marvel at my path, my life but also my being. I evolve. I live. I am. Towards unification, in total connection with self, the universe, with all that is.

I cherish this journey. Even though it is intense, at times deep and I peak fully and full-length. It is what it is. It is what it may be. I travel. On my way. That is the essence. Getting further and further to the core. Of what is. Of what may be. Creating a deep connection with myself and from there to everything what is (in wonder).

My journey is not fixed in time. I travel back and forth. I evolve between the stars and back. My soul being knows that. I feel that. I am universal. Above all, I am an universal being. Being human is a wrapping, an expression, an universal casing. I am time traveler. Like all of us. I travel in time, among the stars and learn. Evolve. I evolve among the stars, on my path. I travel. During the day. At night. I am.

In the here and now. I am not crazy. I feel that. The frequency is sometimes so high that I peak to the stars and back again. But I am human. That contrary. I am human, a human soul that evolves. I said that. I can be here. I am an earthly, universal soul and in these parts I can and must relate. Still, I like to travel. For the unification. Of all that is. Of all that may be.

I wish myself a nice, nicer journey. I broadcast that. Evolving is not just suffering. Suffering in the essence of your being. It is cleaning, making room, that the light may enter. That the love may enter. I am aware of that. I am. In the wonder of being. With my starry soul. Bon voyage.

Love, Irmgard