Soul path

When you are continuously going there is nothing so proclaimed than your own thoughts of where you are going. There is just one way and the foreseen path, the foreseen soul path, is one direction and the junctions you probably pass, are emerged and supervised with your own choices. The choices of the heart, the heartful intentions and the feelings that push you forward.

The dedicated belief in this that you don not strive for something that isn’t yours but that you strive for those things, matters and subconsciously lived matters what resonate on behalf of your beloved soul. You cannot imagine your path, its settings and the outcomes you foresee.

All is foreseen by the universe, whether you want this or not, you have to assure yourself that the path you follow, these decisions you make on your soul walk of fame that they are distinctively made by your heart and that should be the main lead for your soul to go forward in the universal path of destiny.

Love, Irmgard