Soul living

The binary thought of being is the one you constellate with your soul and not with your mind. It is a misunderstanding that you compromise your feelings with the mind as they are about to be felt in the heart and in the soul. The presumption of all is that you are all so eager to follow that mind of yours that in its thoughts of being also lies the constipation of your soul evolution.

When the mind limits you with it thoughts, its fears, anxieties or whatever it might seclude and exclude you from your own previsioned path. The mind can be a huge blockade to make things come true. Soul things we mean. There is nothing so misunderstood in the humanly voyage of the soul that this can’t be lived and experienced with the thoughts of being, with following your mind and everything what comes between.

Soul living is living by the heart, by the intuitive means of being and by the trust and the surrender of your humanly self to the universal energies. As they have it all planned, all in cadred means of plans, of contracts, and there is nothing so expelled and mistrusted as you ought to follow your humanly self by the mind instead of the soul.

The soul is rather an enormous light bulb, an enormous love bulb and once a source is starting to collect its own energy and that of the input, read supply, of the universal common wealth of energies there is no way back. As the soul will hold on to its path, its plan, perhaps  its contract too and the meaning of this all for your humanly self is that once you stepped in that almighty roller coaster of the soul there is no way back. Only forward.

The common mistake that people intend to make that think they can go on board of their unique coaster and step back when it pleases them. That is not how it works. All is in favor of your soul, even the worst, bad moments too to the most happiest ones, all is meant to let your soul learn in its prophesy of being. Do not hesitate to step on board as the universe does take a good care for those who follow their soul. With taking care is meant that all is contributed, helped to let your soul grow into its own light and into its own love.

Do not make a hype or guru thing of soul living. It was always there and it will always be. This current transformation is meant not to be founded into the ego self but into the soul self. That is an almighty unique path and nobody can do it for you, nobody can lead, tell, or guide you as this is a highly solo path and that is why it is so unique. Do not let you be told what to do, just follow your own leads of being and this fine intuition will lead you, narrate you, on your way.

Don’t pull yourself apart, set yourself aside. Although it is an unique unfolding path you have to understand that it is all about connection, connection from heart to heart, from soul to soul and in the like-minded, similarity of resonances you will be matched, will be contributed and will be learned what there is to learn. To grow and evolve in your prophesied way of soul evolution.

Get along. Do not seclude yourself of the growth into your soul meanings of life and exclude you of a higher mission, life-fulfillment what suits your being, your heart, your soul but not the mind. Reach further than what your ego mind tells you and make that inner change on behalf of your soul and its means…

Love, Irmgard