Soul flow

You are a purposed being
Yes, you are
Right from the start
Even long before
You even set birth

Your soul agreed
On its purpose
On its mission
In the energetical
Surroundings of the universe

On the moment you
‘Hear your calling’
That pushing, longing of the soul
To make a change
Or even chose for a new direction

Do not hold back
With your mind
With your fears
With your earthly adaptation
Just go with the soul flow

As long as you go with this flow
And you follow your soul
And its divinely purpose of being
You will be much happier
As you follow your heart
Soul and its passion

An everlasting passion
Driven from the inner you
How beautiful is that
That your sparkle
Keeps you moving
Shaping and rolling

In the great encounters
Of your beloved soul
You will ravishly
Influence and touch others
With that immense
Inflamed being of yours

That huge, enormous sparkle
You and your radiance
Will evoke new chances
Possibilities and out comings
How happy can a life be?