Soul connection with self

Being in connection with yourself, it sounds hallelujah so easy, but there are quite a few processes that precede it. In which you dive into the depths, observe and learn to find yourself in the imbalance of being. Being connected with yourself. What is that being connected with yourself and what do you need for that?

The moment you let yourself be guided by anything but yourself, your soul self, you are not in connection with your source. Your soulful being. Perhaps you run away from yourself, hide behind a facade of being or, that is also possible, you live someone else’s idea of ​​being.

You know, either way there’s no judgment, no pointing finger, or you can be told “you’re doing it all wrong.” Because it isn’t. Life is one learning process, an evolutionary path, in which you can grow, develop yourself and learn to connect with your highest good: your energetic core. In other words, your higher self.

Being connected with yourself means feeling continuously  what feels okay for you, following your intuition and daring to live from your essential core, taking steps and taking on the challenges. As said, there is no right or wrong, you are always doing great, as long as you continue to trust yourself, on your path and what you may bring here on this earth globe.

When you manage to return and dare to navigate on your universal source, soul, you will see that from that connection with yourself you will meet others, it sometimes accelerates and there may be coincidences that excel your synchronicity meter. Surpass. And that’s totally fine too.

Stay happily okay with yourself and do follow what feels good, what makes you happy and what gives you so much satisfaction that the love you put into it is felt by others. That is what you can give. Then you are so beautifully connected, in authenticity, with self that you have returned to your core and from that connection, that beautiful universal connection, you are connected with others. And that is so beautiful and then everything goes so naturally, smoothly and in confidence. That is connectiveness at its best!

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen