Shine like a diamond

You are a diamond made to shine
You are beautiful
Really. You are a beauty
Made of stars
You have star shine in your body
You are made to shine
That raw diamond deep inside
Only needs to be polished

You are magnificent
Do you realize that?
You have unique gifts
Received by the universe
Are you aware you carry a diamond
In the depth of your being?

You are as good as you think you are
You stick to your minds
Through evolution
You became the more and the more selfish
Driven by the mind and the ego
You lost your connection with your glowing inside

You are made to blossom
You are made to shine
As stars and diamonds shine too
So we want you to sparkle
And be as radiant as possible too
Be that shining flower. Be that glowing star

You are visible
Yes, we see you. We see your inner
We see and notice your potential
Do you? Do you know you’re a being of light?
Do you realize you are a being of love?
Do you actually know that you are made to shine?

Be aware
Unfold your inner being and live that soul
Glow, shine and sparkle
Like a diamond. Like a star
Wisdom comes always from the inside out
And you can only live your potential by an open heart

You are a magnificent being
You came from stardust, you go to stardust
In between you may shine your potential
You may unfold your soul
With its many talents
Your diamond is there to live

Shine your diamond
As diamonds are beautiful
Diamonds must be sharpened
To become its huge glittering
When do you polish the essence of your being
In order to shine? In order to glitter?
That your light shines as radiant as possible?

Tell us, why don’t you want to shine?
Why don’t you unfold your own diamond?
Please explain us why you won’t sparkle like a star?
Why don’t you live your heart and soul?
Your true diamonds, stars of your being
As your ego is the contrary

Set yourself free
Set your inner free
Unleash the true diamond to shine
Unfold your heart to be aware of your soul
It lays in its seat to be discovered
To be explored

You are beautiful
You are great
You are magnificent
You are a diamond
You are a star
In your own universe

Be radiant
Blossom like a flower
Unfold. Unfold that heart and soul
Be as you supposed to be