Share your wisdom

NuShare your inner wisdom
As wisdom, your library
Your inner richness
Has to be shared

Your knowledge is so huge
You lived many lives
Harsh lives
There was often no mercy

The pain is anchored
Deep in your soul
We are aware of that
And you know that too

All that lives were necessary
Necessary to serve
To make you a being of light
To make you a being of love

With such great richness
In the inner being, the soul
That you are now
In the present can serve

Serve to others
Serve to the greater good
Serve your abilities, talents
To the wholeness of the universe

We are there to help to share
We surround you with many light beings
You acquaintanced with many of them
But it is slice what we showed you

You know that. You feel that
You are aware of this
It doesn’t make sense to you
Into the dust, out the dust

We are all equal
You treat us all equal
You treat us like human beings
And we like that a lot. We like to work with you

You are never too arrogant
For a nice chat form soul to soul
But you have to save your energy
Because you know you are in charge, but often forget that

We want you to share your inner wisdom
Reunite your wisdom with others
Unify with another soul into the dust
To share. And to participate the greater good

You are on the right track
You are on your way
Keep on going. Just follow our leads
And our guidance and you will reach the point
We want you to be

Keep on doing what you do
Unify. Reunite with other souls
And share both your wisdom, your uniqueness
With the greater good

Share those flowers of love
Spread that inner lights
Be as we both want you to be
Loving servants of our beloved universe

Love, Irmgard