Send the loveness into the world! Arcturian Channeling – February 20, 2020

Be unexpectedly rising into your own loving core and send the loveness into the world. Your world. Your preoccupied setting knows your path, knows your ultimate soul destination and knows your unfolding talents. You just have to quiet the mind to start listening to your own inner voice. The voice of the soul. The universal voice of being. The intuition.
In our telepathical everlasting energy of being we communicate through our energetic frequency and we don’t need words to pronounce whatever we want to say, feel or live. That is the advantage of being high resonating. We differ in that way of you and we are heading up for a change, your change, as the transmittal change is foreseen by the ultimate plan of Love: The Great Plan of Love.
This plan withholds the universal drive of many joint, corporate dimensional, ventures to make an universe of Love. Driven and foreseen in the Light. We are a part of this joint venture and we will do everything to make you reconnected, relive and reacquaint yourself with your universal core of being: your soul.
We are here. Just as you are. Do not frighten us as we are Love, predict and pronounce Love and we are here to help you in the best way we can: your best soul way. Be prepared as the only universal language there is, is the telepathical, energetical language of Love and not all that different kind of languages you speak with the multi frequential of the misunderstanding of Love.
LOVE IS. Love will always be. You have to be send back to the Love, speak and spread the Love. As living, as language, as root. Your universal grounding of being. Let’s do that. We are here to help you. Do not forget that when you are heading up into your own soul path, the soul fullness of your being.
We are here to make your path easier, to make your path understandable and in the midst of all we are here to teach you Love…
Love, Irmgard💙