Rock the boat

Let’s shine, baby
Let’s rock the boat
The boat what is called life
Live it by the heart
Rock all the way around
With an open heart
An open mind
With all the Love you have
Keep your thoughts positive

We all have our struggles
Have to face problems
We do worry about a lot of things
Trudging through life
Life isn’t easy sometimes
We realize that, dear child
But give your fears, your sorrows
All what you are afraid of
To us. We will comfort you
Lead you the way

With an open heart
We could support you more
Because we, messengers from light & love
Are attracted to open hearted people
Humans who live by their heart
Who are guided by their intuition
Live their life in compassion
Love and care about others
The environment and the world

Don’t be afraid anymore, dear beloved one
We are there to accompany you all
To assist you on your path
The route you’re walking through life
Headed by an open heart
Lived by your deep inner you
Just narrated by your true feelings
Called your intuitive guidance
By your loving soul
A soul what always knows the direction

So keep your head up
As a powerful captain of your boat
We are the sailors
You always can rely on us
Be aware of that
So tell us, when do you live by the heart
That we can start to rock our boat together?
Because, baby, you have to shine

Sail all those unknown waters
Be a discovery traveller in your life
A Columbus all the way long
And navigate to all those hidden places
Find your treasures within
You are the commander of your ship
It’s up to you
To define your own path
How to create your precious life

You are the one
Who is responsible
To shape your way of life
No one else. Just you
Never forget that
Set your goals
Use your compass of the soul
And sail, dear child, sail
Confirm what you really desire
Let your dreams be the inspiration

Rock the boat greetings, Irmgard