Rising like a Phoenix

As a chameleon I am not only adapting very easily on energy of others but also helping them. To suit their being instead of mine. As I am highly aware of these, very very, old patterns I feel this is the moment to stand up for myself, standing on own my two earthly feet and leave my chameleon outfit behind.

To cocoon like a butterfly or rise like a Phoenix in a new suit of being. A new outfit what suits me so well that that I never, and I repeat never, will leave my own unique inner colors (and outer of course) behind to soak other colors instead or as well.
This morning I took this shocking, for me quite shocking, decision as I felt that it was for the best. My best. I am not born like a chameleon and in the nuisance of feeling that this habit of mine wasn’t good for my health, well-being and existential truth. I concluded this when the sleep couldn’t catch me again this early morning.
Setting boundaries is so useful and sometimes extremely necessary to make steps on behalf of yourself. Only strengthened in my nurtured being I certainly realize I am not there at all. My new colorful unique suit fits well but old habits and patterns aren’t easily forgotten. It also was a state of being, of living and knowing that almost everybody liked my ‘chameleon suit’ I am consciously aware that my new rising Phoenix suit won’t apply to everyone. Nevertheless, that’s theirs. Not mine.
My inner is glowing, knowing and ready to make steps on behalf of myself, my soul self, and my former outfit didn’t go well with the rising fire in my heart and soul. The worth I give to myself is at the same time the space to grow. By setting boundaries to others I enlarge my inner space to expand. This inner wealth is necessary to process further. Highly adapting on my unique soul colors, wearing them, instead of soaking and wearing the colors of others. My inner rainbow wants to shine and therefor this inner growth was necessary to grow further…
Love, Irmgard🙏
By Irmgard Daanen