Rise into soul enrichment

Your inner golden globe, your sparkling sun, can only rise in its means by letting the mind out and the intuitive leads in. There is nothing so misunderstood that you can expand, lift your inner richness into prosperity with the thinking. With the ego mind.

The luscious idea of getting lucky in your own soul processes by the meanings, thinking of the mind is really farfetched in the time of being. Certainly when you are walking your precious life path, the path of the soul in the feeling concept. On the contrary there is nothing so enriching that you abandon your mind out of these universal evolutionary prophesying processes and start to dare to let yourself be carried away by the intuitive input of your soul.

Your soul is highly aligned with the universal offspring of the unique enrichment of being, of your soul. In the trust, the surrender and in the acceptance of your intuition, as narrator and over voice of your own being, you will be leaded to the universal goody bar. The prophesied outcome of your universally guided soul enrichment.

In the full splendor of the soul the feelings keep on having a remarkable contributive aspect of living your golden globe, sun, flower (whatever you call it, name it) on its best, its fullest and its enriched outcome.

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen