Resilient human being of love

You are not your past
You all have known moments
Will undoubtedly many times
Be confronted with situations
Whereupon you think you can’t go any further
That life has you in the grip
Look at how far you have come so far!
You thought you never would succeed
To come back into your power again
But realize that no path
Is without problems, worries or challenges
Do not let yourself be ‘mangled’ by life
Getting small or limiting you
Look what you do have
How far you have come
Because no matter how deep you were
You are climbing again
Raised from a lowest point
That makes you who you are
Your pure, strong you
A more resilient person than you ever imagined
Everything you had to deal with
The life problems that came your way
Problems you had to deal with
It has shaped you into who you are now
How difficult, sad or annoying it sometimes was
Look what it has brought you
The lesson that you learned from it
How much more powerful you have become as a human being
You are a sum of your memories
The result of your past
Every experience you can experience
In whatever capacity
You can see as a learning moment
To let you grow as a human being
To let your soul evolve
To a better version than with which
You as a child of light and love
Have been put down on the earth
With the aim to pass your through
The original plan
We certainly understand that life
Is not always nice. Far from that
But you are born as a human being
To evolve yourself during life
Find the power within yourself
Discovering the love within yourself
To shape life in such a way
That it corresponds with the plan
The blueprint of your soul
Everything in your existence is focused on it
To lift you as a person to a higher level
So that you will be prepared
To live your passions
To carry out the love
To connect with each other
As part of a larger whole
Be aware of that, dear child
That you are part of one
Universal development process
We are all connected to each other
Interwoven at soul level
Exceeding dimensions
You can stick to your fears
To everything that limits you further
To lead your life in a way
Which you would like
That is not the intention
Of the universal plan
This plan wants you to learn from mistakes
Grow through your experiences
Become stronger as a person
Starting to live from your hearts
To start carrying out your passions
To live in love and light
As you are essentially meant to be
As children of light and love
How nice would that be?
Raise humanity to a higher level
Start living by your hearts
Leave the ego for what it is
Egos do not connect
Find the love in yourself
That you may see
The love in others
An open heart connects…
Love, Irmgard