Release the pains of the past

Life can ‘knock you down’
Slam you into reality
Give you a ‘bouncing heart fever’
You can’t turn around the past
It is as it is
Believe it or not
Facing and relive your pains or sorrows
Is the worst thing you ever can do

You can’t give up the feeling
The pains you feel. The pains you felt
The griefs you experienced
The sad things what makes you cry. Made you cry
By nurturing yourself into this disbelief
The unwanted and unbelievable side of life
You can’t change the past by rethinking
You can’t forget the harsh life issues by looking at it

Give up the thoughts. The thinking
By your ego mind
It likes you to keep on feeling
To keep on repeating negativity
Wasn’t it enough you went through
Such painful hazards, coincidences and circumstances?
Why the need to rethink, relive?
To keep on summarizing this moments?

We cannot understand that
Maybe we are not able to feel (anymore)
But what we sure know is that your ego mind(set)
Likes to cherish, to comfort and to nurture itself
In pain, in sorrow, in unluckiness, in grief and anxiety
Anxieties over the past what happened
But always also fears about the future
The ego likes, well just say, loves negativity!

Let it go. The past is the past
What happened just happened
Leave it there where it belongs
You won’t make your soul happy by
Repeating, reliving and overthinking the past
That’s done. Over. Gone by
Be aware of yourself NOW
As the now, the beautiful present, should always be lived

It is a great effort to leave your past behind
It is really a great achievement too to let the ego
The ego as it is. An unwanted ‘side effect’ of being human
Humanity into the earthly dust
True happy feelings can only be lived by the heart
Happiness can only be lived by the soul
As the souls are the portal to universal love
The ego can’t. The ego will never be able
To reach the highest form of enlightment
Instead of your loving heart, your loving soul

Do we make a point? A point of consideration?
It is as easy like this. Leave the past behind
Letting go as a releasement of the soul
All that pains anchored and implemented in your beloved soul
What a pity. What a shame for love
Relieve the soul by opening the gate to your heart
And in mirroring yourself and your pains
Into the deepest layers of being you
Will shape the possibility, we envision that
To release all the wounding’s, the sharpening’s
The holes in your heart and soul

That would be great. Just try it
We will be there to give your releasement
We will be there to hold hands and comfort you
We will be there to dry your tears. Tears of reflection
We will be there to make you lighten up and illuminate you
We will be there to carry you along this process of letting go
We will be there to listen to you and give you help
But ask for our help too. We will be grateful to help
We like to help. Be clear and visible into the light
Otherwise we cannot understand or see you

Cheer up. We are there to give you comfort, releasement and help

Chamuël & Zadkiël

Love, Irmgard