Release the old

For me… it’s the right time to make changes. Just before the New Year is coming I felt I do not have to keep the old but to let go what doesn’t suit me anymore. Therefore I moved again and I started (once again) to embrace what is felt deeply inside: the internal push of my soul who wants to come out, to shine and do its thing more than ever…

This internal launch in its own prophesied meanings, settings and origin will only settle in its means, unleash its unique rainbow colors , blooming content once you have made room to set your own soul on fire by giving it’s existential truth by acknowledging it and your willingness to accept & embrace it once and for all and ever.

It takes faith, surrender, many processes and a lot of determination to set your soul on fire like never before. It is quite a detachment process, processing the deep, the unknown and it is an emotional personal flight. Unexpected and unforeseen. To meet your essentiality.

That all for the best. Soul best. Essential, authentic best. Diving forward under new wings, outcomes and content. Stepping onto the last days of 2022 I know that last year was an extremely deep, emotional heavy and very painful year to clear my soul but what an effort, what a growth. All in the evolutionary means of my soul and its potential.

On forehand I wish you for 2023 a lovingly dive in your soul potential to bring your unique gift to the world and dazzle all you may touch with your radiance. Have Happy Holidays, restful days and a jolly good time being. Happily being.

Love, Irmgard