Proclamation for self

(Received on 27th of February 2022)
I am so I am. I am always myself.
I embrace myself. Fully.
I am okay. More than okay.
I see myself, appreciate myself and I am worthy.
I am so worthy that I value myself too.
What belongs to me may come to me.
I am worthy that abundance shall come to me. In the here and now.
I am used to give.
In the prophecy of being, may that what comes to me in abundance turn to others.
That others may navigate along in the wealth of prosperity.
I will share all that will come to me in abundance.
I have no earthly possessions and I renounce my possessions insofar as I do not need them.
I will let go of everything that brings me down.
I cannot live in negativity.
Positivity will befall me and the light will shine on me and accompany and guide me further on my path.
The light knows what is mine, what I may do and what my path is.
I am subject to the light, to my mission, and in trust and surrender I move steadily forward, walking on my path with dedication and defying everything that objects me, that blocks me and that opposes me.
I only connect with souls that resonate on the same frequency as me and I accept no less.
I am worthy that like-minded people resonate like-minded, like-minded people come to me in mission and join me or share my mission.
I live love, freely and unconditionally without any conditions or restrains.
I can live my life freely, I am a free soul who wants to feel, experience and live by the soul life, soul happiness and soul faithfulness and may and can touch others on my soul path, soul mission and soul purpose.
Love, Irmgard????
By Irmgard Daanen