‘Pro bono lightwork’ workaholic


To be honest, for a long time it was just like that. However when something becomes or starts to become a ‘trick’, it ultimately misses the point. Since December 2016 I started writing and plenty too! In 2018 making Soul Art was added.

Just a summary: These are purely the posts on my five websites:
– My happy soul site: 2282 posts (previously I deleted more than 3500)
– My happy soul art – 1139 posts
– Soul liberations – 601 posts
– Soulology site – 88 posts
– Happify your life publishers site – 84 posts

A total of at least 4194 posts in just 7 years time. That makes approximately 51 posts per month. So it has become ‘a trick’. At least that’s how it feels and that doesn’t feel good at all.

If something that initially makes you (intensely) happy becomes a daily ‘must do’, then you are ignoring yourself. That has been the case here for a long time. Because this is absolutely not the right intention, I have decided to do only my ‘pro bono light work’ when I feel like doing it.

So, only doing now something when I feel like it. Feels strange.πŸ€” My whole life, since I was a teenager, consisted of ‘must do” matters. Well I DON’T MUST DO ANYTHING ANYMORE! Not in doing, not in connections and I no longer have obligations. And I just try not to think anything of it.

I want to tell you that:
1 ‘MUST DO’ isn’t the right intention from the heart & soul
2 If something becomes a trick, feel whether it still makes you happy
3 The same is with connections. Is it a ‘must do?’ or does it make you happy? If you don’t get anything out of it anymore or you don’t expect to get anything out of it anymore, ask yourself whether you still want that.

You are allowed to like what you do.
You should be happy with what you do / create.
A connection should make you happy. If this doesn’t bring you anything (anymore), you are running empty and it costs you more than you give… feel deeply by yourself again…πŸ’œ

Love, Irmgard