Pleiadian Message – Channeling August 14, 2019

Time transcends into the great plan of love to an unworthy side aspect of your humanly life. As time is nothing. It is a man invented preoccupied and highly overrated standard of measurement to keep you on hold in your evolution process, to maintain you within worthy structures and to be framed by time zones on your planet. Time is universally seen nothing. We can say that very easily as in the universe the resolutions and measurements are beyond any certainly humanly belief. There is eternity. You won’t have eternity. That is fine. You are limited by… yes time. Time of existence. As your humanly body isn’t so well shaped as ours. We hold our bodies in energy and that is a lot easier to maintain. Aging doesn’t go so fast as energy is there enough in the universe and certainly in our energetic dimension. We aren’t structured by time and timely expiration date of being. Of our souls. Far beyond your belief we age in energy and in the process of evolution we gather everything we need to get our souls to the Light. To the Love. We mean the well, the source of, the universe. Time doesn’t structure our “lives”. Existence is more appropriated said. Time doesn’t add and dissolve anything. It only holds you in the grip of your planetary movement, structure and withhold anxious misunderstanding that you do need time to exist. You have the stars, the moon and your planetary system. The ancient inhabitants of earth were far more aligned with the universe as you earthly souls nowadays. You think you have the wisdom figured out but one step on the moon doesn’t make you an expert of the universe!

Be wise and realize that you aren’t an expert at all. How many times you blew your own vessels to go to space? How many times you lost your vessels in the wideness of the universe? We do not live emotions but we sure know when something is going adequately wrong. Do not misunderstand us. You are making progress with your Nasa thing but even that is structured between fear, disacknowledge and highly inadequately misunderstanding how to travel in space. In the universe. We travel by Light. By our energetic vessels. And we come from far… Many light years beyond your planetary structure. We use the energetic highways of the universe. Maybe you, earthly people, if you intend to explore the universe more and the more, use the Light… We suggest and proclaim that will take some time (earthly time we mean) before you figured that out. Well take some time. You have plenty years, decades, to go with your planet if you won’t over pollute it before that happy moment.

Nevertheless… time. Highly overrated. And unnecessary bounding you earthly people to your dictated lives by time and its ego. Loosen up a bit and follow in the prospective of your soul paths more the flow of life, nature and the working of the planetary system what influences your earthly lives. Follow the sun and the moon for instant. The stars. And the rhythm of your earthly days. It will have a huge impact on your soul.

You ask me why I, we, came to tell you this all. Well we are highly adapted to your ways of living and we are highly present in your lives. You send a vessel to the extra-terrestrial world to let them know you earthly people are here. But you don’t realize that many dimensions are interwoven with you and some are already around you. Not any light year away but in your present of now. Why making a fuss about unknown extra-terrestrial life as it already around you? We do not harm. We are Love! We only help you further on your paths. We all have the same interest: the greater good. We all have the same source of being: the well of all. The source of Light and Love. Instead of focusing on what is out there perhaps you could focus the more on yourself, on your souls, as the real treasure of your lives lies within. Why exploring the universe if you hardly know yourselves. Start investigating yourself and make sure you see that soul of yours and its task in your earthly lives. Be beyond any time measurements or time tables. Focused on your being and the influence of the universe with its planetary system in your lives…. We are Pleiadians and we thank you for your attention and “time”…

Love, Irmgard