The universal appearance


As a mediumistic person I really sense, hear and see a lot. In vibes. In energy. Can feel frequencies. As I am (almost) always tuned in. To the energy of the universe. A magic world is at my disposal!!! The universe can show me anything they like. In reality. Contact with passed (loved) ones, other dimensions but also they can show everything what I need to understand in my translation to others. In the earthly dimension. I can write (fairy tale) books of it.

I really believe in magic nowadays. And that for someone who didn’t know and realize for 48 years that I had paranormal abilities. With my academic background I was rational and was fond of facts, numbers and proof in facts! Still am!!! Nowadays my life changed completely!!! And it’s still changing since I follow my soul and the path of my soul. It’s really magical!!!!

* As a messenger, a mediumistic tool, for the spirit world I have to translate everything what I feel, sense, hear or see to the recipient.

Love, Irmgard💗

I received this channeling in Dutch.

Part of my CHANNELING of 14 December 2018

I am only the appearance that it may bring you. Happy me. Happy soul. So far as this is possible. But it is all or nothing. You forgot to write it down. We can manifest everything!!! Whatever you can earthly think of. But also everything that is universally possible. And that’s all. EVERYTHING!!! That is earthly incomprehensible. We have everything at our disposal. Universally seen. And that’s so beautiful. Very beautiful. Every appearance is possible. And you Irmgard, you get your own magical world. We will show it to you as you can understand. Understand! With your earthly think tank. You love fairytales (of course with Happy Endings) then you will also see fairy tales. But remember, dear Irmgard, not everything you feel and see is a direct manifestation of Being. You know that there are dimensions that are real, but you also know that we can show you all the projections that you understand. Can translate.* To your Being. Implement in your soul. How beautiful is that? Your own magical fairy-tale book. Your own magical world.(…)


Deel van mijn channeling van 14 december 2018.

Ik ben slechts de verschijningsvorm die het jou mag komen brengen. Blije ikke. Blije ziel. In zoverre dat dan mogelijk is. Maar hier is alles of niks dus. Je vergat het op te schrijven. Alles kunnen we manifesteren!!! Wat je maar aards kan bedenken. Maar ook alles wat universeel mogelijk is. En dat is alles. ALLES!!! Dat is aards niet te bevatten. Wij hebben alles tot onze beschikking. Universeel gezien. En dat is zo mooi. Prachtig mooi. Elke verschijningsvorm is mogelijk. En jij Irmgard, jij krijgt je eigen magische wereld. We laten het aan je zien zoals jij het kan snappen. Begrijpen! Met je aardse denktank. Jij houdt van sprookjes (uiteraard mét Happy Endings) dan krijg jij ook sprookjes te zien. Maar vergeet niet, lieve Irmgard, niet alles wat je voelt en ziet is een directe manifestatie van het Zijn. Je weet dat er dimensies bestaan die écht zijn maar je weet ook dat we je daarnaast alle projecties kunnen laten zien die jij begrijpt. Kan vertalen. Naar je Zijn. Implementeren in je ziel. Hoe mooi is dat? Je eigen magische sprookjesboek. Je eigen magische wereld. (…)