On facebook…

Dear followers,

Thank you for liking my page or pages for so far. Your commitment to stay connected with one of more of my pages does warm my heart. Many thanks.

I am an attuned soul and the last six years I was overloaded with input and I wrote, wrote and channeled and therefore I was more aligned with the universal energies than the earthly energy and I could barely root myself in the grounds I may reside and be.

Therefore I reached out to Facebook to find a stage for all the words I am allowed to receive, the whisperings, the fine lessons but also Spiritual experiences and finally I had eleven pages and four groups. That was very hard work (sometimes thirteen hours a day all for free), also the last nine years life challenged (and the universe) me over and over again into the depth of my being. Now reinforced in my inner strength, okayness with self and earthly rooting I feel that I have to start focusing not only on self, my rest but also to start writing under one name, one page with just one Dutch Facebook group.

It had been time for inner revealment, finding my way in that tsunami of paranormality what came over me for such a long time and being connected with self and others. It is time to let go all my pages except for the now. I keep on feeling what suits my soul the best and this is it for the moment.

Thank you so deeply and I believe that maybe not all the words that had been given to me have reached and touched you but it will take its flight by itself on the energetic stream of the etheric love and will touch that soul what needs to be touched.

Love you all. Love, Irmgard