Not all ways lead to Rome…

There are many ways what lead to Rome. There is no way the same as all ways differ in its uniqueness. The latent way, manner of thinking, is that we seclude ourselves to almost one way. The previsioned, humanly, one. Rather believing and focusing on one singular way you might perhaps be reasonable and start feeling and internally knowing that there is absolute no way than just one path.

The horizon lies open and the mainly blockade there is, is the mind itself. For a long time I just thought that there was just one single path what leads to Rome and the more I grew I realized, read felt, that all what I previsioned, the means of how life (my life) should be and unfold itself wasn’t the same path as my soul being wanted to live.

In the revelation of my mediumicity plenty of future things were told, felt and seen and the more I focused just on one, lived towards it, the greater the distinction, the troubled I get about all they had shown, told me and what I have felt. I was quite in total doubt whether my clear hearing, knowing and feeling wasn’t as reliable I thought it was and although my pure means of being this might lead to total distraction and an unbalanced feeling.

As I grew, processed deeply not only as a soul but also in my abilities as a high aligned human with the universal energies, I just know that all were possibilities. Possible outcomes, ways due to the choices I make between the cadres of my universal plan and contract. There is not one way, but multiples ways, what lead to ‘Rome’. My particular Rome.

In the total doubtful period I lived I now feel, an inner knowing, that the more faith I have and the more I surrender that all is good whatever and with whomever I walk my path I steadily grow further in my soul being but also in my mediumicity. As I am and have been tested so often and so deeply on both I now try to find the tranquil means of life by living those -my soul and it abilities- in total trust of the universe.

I never tell people who consult me the future anymore as there is no particular future ahead. As you are in charge based on all the choices you make in life there are different outcomes. There are only possibilities what lead to your ‘Rome’. Remember this Rome isn’t meant as a final destination. As your horizon lies open it is the path you walk what matters. So, if you want to go to Timbuktu, be my guest, you choose after all. Whatever decision you make, make one based on (self-)love…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen