No procrastination anymore…

I am soulfully busy lately. Litterally moving into the prophesy of my being. I am launched once again out of my comforted zone and just settled I will be moving soon again.

Being quite busy with decluttering too to get clearance in my life, head and soul as well and moving forward letting the old all go to become whole in the settings that suit my soul the best.

In the accomplishments I make, the steps I take I make progress. As by each step I gain clearance, consciousness and by letting go of the old what doesn’t suit my soul anymore I feel room, breath giving space in my chest and soul again.

Still, I am not there. I never will. How dedicately I may be there is in the evolvement state, the moving processes called life not any procrastination anymore and no sensible reason to step back of this prophesied path. How difficult, deep and fearful it sometimes is…????????????

Love, Irmgard????