Never underestimate the quality of your thoughts

My mind is always working hard. Giving me anxieties, makes me smaller and misunderstand my potential and its means in this world. Constantly, more on those days we rather do not talk about (the bad, the worst and the unhappy days), it is a battle between my mind and my soul.

In moments when the mind comes nagging in I try to distance myself from those thoughts by putting myself above those annoying thoughts & mind negativity to get a grip on my own balanced and steady being. It takes some practise, even time, and sometimes I set a step forward, making progress, and on the other hand I step back as this might be too difficult. And that’s okay.

Life is a constant feeling into progressing and even those steps back are learning moments. Never mind, we all walk our own processes and be okay with this. I only can say that when my minds gets in with its degenerating, negative and misleading thoughts I will do everything to turn them into positive…

In 2019 I received the text below about this.

You are what you think you are. The convincing mind is the one who makes you believe what you are. It is the mind who says how you feel. It’s the mind who says you don’t dare to do that. Whatever it is. Brings the fears in. Let the anxious you prevail above anything else. The mind says this, the mind says that. Meanwhile you forget to embrace yourself, your being at least, the fullest. In the neglectance of your soul, we mean in the focus upon all that denigrating things, all that negativity your mind throws out on you, there is no room for that sweet soul things. You let your mind prevail. That is it. We don’t understand why you let your mind rule your life as it makes you believe all that negativity about yourself, about your path and you capabilities. Maybe it is time to reset that mind of yours and focus upon the soul and make your soul the prior lead in your life. We bet you embrace your being for sure, you know your path, your predestined walk, and you sure better know your talents. Your unique gifts…

Love, Irmgard🌟

By Irmgard Daanen