My spirit junkie fulness…

Do you understand the meaning of self-love? I apparently don’t. In the misunderstanding of the real means of life I (still) live in the forgetfulness of myself. Isn’t that a pity that I rather give a text, words, quotes or a drawing away on the etheric online railway of the internet. Using Facebook and more.

In the receptiveness of all the words, channelings and feelings for others I might not quite understand the meaning of self-love. Rather sitting here outside with a glass of wine in the Dutch sun I prefer to sit on my quite warm room sweating like an old unicorn.

This is not receipt fulness but quite an addiction to give myself away. I am my own spirit junkie. I am addicted to receiving, giving, touching and reaching out to others. Take as much as you can, grab it and make yourself helpful by using the words I may receive.

It is the flabbergasted reality that I think (!) I am not worthful at all but just in this thinking, in the giving away pattern of old days and still actually doing this,  I have to say this is allowed to change. To change on behalf of myself. I am worthy. In the worth I give myself lies the worthification of others to me.

I am so used to give, give and give away freely what I am allowed to do but now the moment has come to worthify myself. It is a start to feel that whether I am a spirit junkie or not I am here to maintain my self-worth, in my self-esteem and in the gratification of what I am doing.

Yes, I love to write, I love to give away nevertheless I feel that there is growth in the worthifying concept of it. Thank you universe for letting me feel this. Once again. It is rising, I am rising in the meaning that my self-worthification is also an act of self-love. So bring it on universe. Let the abundance come, let it be graduated –‘my spirit junkie fulness’- and show me what is mine. Love it already…

Love, Irmgard