My heart is my temple

My heart is my temple
As seat for my loving soul
Love is my language
It is universal, you know
Everybody can speak with
Love, compassion and kindness
This is my real true religion
Firmly settled in my inner being
With this knowledge
And with my clear vision
I can concur the world nowadays

I do not need a fancy car, a big house
All that meaningless things
To feel happy anymore
Since I found my true believe
In my loving heart and soul
That is all I want to have. All I want to live
The only real sustainable there is
Because I realize that
My heart, soul and intuition
Are always there for me
The certain basis of my humanity

I can rely on these constant factors
As pillars of my earthly adaptation
As the foundation of my body
In this awareness I am happier
Then I ever was before
They lead me on my path
Being the most truthful source there is
I just follow them. They know the way
My path of the soul
I will pursue them with my open heart
Where to they go. Wherever they take me

I am aware that the future is uncertain
Therefore I will hand over all my fears, my anxieties
To the universe and call them for help
My dreams are obvious and visible
Ready to manifest. To come true
They keep on telling me ‘stay calm
Relax. Everything will be clear soon’
The plans will be unfolded quickly
In this consciousness
I will stay patient and confident

As the heart and my soul
Know the universal plan
The universal plan of love
I don’t know what my contribution will be
But it is always okay
Every contribution is a loving one
I will get my part, I truly believe that
I realize that I am capable to do
What the universe will ask from me
And will be able to handle this
As the powerful embodied human I am