MY HAPPY SOUL’s New Years message

All together this was an extremely difficult year for most of us. In the gathering of what we could live before and the outburst of a virus held us and brought us down. In the outcome of the undenied and undeclined worrying disbelief of what was and what is, lies an enormous amount of fear. The real pity of all is and was that we almost all submitted to this fear.

The anonymous fear of most of us, the anxiety what spread like a virus on its own did had a mayor impact, a trembling effect, on most of our lives. Always when the black goes around there is fear. It certainly is. But the effect of spreading this darkness around is that we let our lights distinguish and fade away in this nasty belief of reality.
The question is and will always be: can anything or anyone dim our light so as it intended to do? The answer is no. Nobody and nothing can dim our lights, that inner sun of us, but the illusion of fear, the disillusion of the reality we live, might do.
When fear and all concerning the variety and spreading of a dark shaking and shocking virus dwells around resulting in a global anxiety of all, say almost all, we can let our light overshade by not only the darkness but also by the fear of our minds what holds us for so long in our grip.
Although the impact might and is huge and we all feel this impact on our lives and freedom, we can all stand up, stand in our light and let the veil of disturbance, the mist of fear, fade away. Only when we let our fear, worries and even our limited belief go than we can get a grip on life back, on our lights and fill our energetic space by ourselves and not by the shadow of all that fire of nuisance what wears around.
Dark times, darkness, even a glimpse of the real reality can only grow by the attention it gets, by the fears it spread and the anxieties we hold on to. It is time to stand up! To stand up for our own lives, our own lights and light we pass through to others. It is time to abandon and extinguish the darkness in our lives, minds and society and to embrace our inner lights more than ever.
We have to release the fear of connecting, of connection to each other, and connect like never before. To spread the light, our community of lights and get rid of that darkness once and for ever. It is time folks! It is time… to shine our lights bright and steady aligned with others and with universal alliances of love. Of light.
Love, Irmgard????????????
By Irmgard Daanen