Once you embrace your soul, its potential and its foreseen, unique, path it might lead you to magical, unexpected and happy outcomes.

For seven years I follow the intuitive leads of my soul now and I not only did spectacular things, met beautiful likeminded, resonating, people it also led me to playing shamanic drums and (trying to play) native flutes as well. I never could imagine that my soul was so rich, so full of capacities and so willing to push me forward. Over my limits, personal boundaries and moving me into the soulfulness of my being.

Instantly touched at a Shamanic week at the Albert Findlay College feeling and hearing the drums, the flutes and its almost frequential lifting energy I was lost. Lost in remembrance of what my soul wanted to tell me at last and that moved me to playing and making music. Noticing the healing concept of this resonating spectacle too. All as once and as well.

Although I was raised up by feeling stupid that I was not musical. Hearing mostly that ‘we were not musical at all’ and have no feeling for rhythm I just now know and feel that this was the karmic inheritance of my parents and isn’t mine at all.

Therefore I was convinced for decades that music, dance even singing (‘we have no voice’) that all what I desired my whole life was not suitable and didn’t apply to me. My soul proved and showed me the other hand. I have an absolute hearing, a soul preference for playing violin and the drums. And I want to sing! Loud and clear. It doesn’t astonish myself anymore that I am certainly capable to sing, dance and even keep the rhythm too.

Isn’t that fabulous? That my soul not only moves and pushes me forward, passing the everlasting nagging thoughts of the mind that I can’t do this, can’t do that, and that I embrace those new things step by step. My soul, its soul path and all the things I have lived, felt and expressed last 7 years after my ‘awakening’ -the awakening in my soul truth-. The authentic, unique me reveals itself day by day and I will keep on moving. Celebrating, if my mind allows me (it is still nagging & tricky somedays and wants to take the lead again), the soul feast I am about to live nowadays fully, at its maximum and in all its sequences, forms and with dedication & passion.

Happy soul tunes: a combined soul togetherness of two resonating souls…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard & Adriaen