My greatest good is being myself

In the midst of the overwhelming presence of myself I can not play hide and seek anymore with that same self. As the processes went so deep that I was shaken to be awaken to meet my soul in total nudity. I managed to let all my masks, my hiding places and ego veils fall and behind. To be presented to the outer world in my beautiful inner world. The naked pure truth of my soul.

I am shaken, teared up, cakewalked and puked many times in my old ego-self. Mirrored and faced the deep many times before, after and behind and in the dazzling truth, inner truth, my soul, the energetic awareness of who I actually am, revealed itself in total splendor, beauty and purity.

Do not confuse this with my outer appearance, ego mind or anything else. I just talk about my soul self. The rest is evidently, as it concerns the universe, not (very) important. They love souls, soul energies and what these beautiful, unique souls bring with their unicity to the outer world. Resumed, it is not about me. I am just a two legged vessel who still thinks too much with that humanly mind of me.

Every day, in my awakened soul consciousness, I am challenged, read tested, by the universe to keep on following my soul and its leads. The intuition. As specific being in my humanly specie it is quite a challenge to keep myself focused each day in and out on that soul, its means and what it foresees for this plain, simple Dutch girl.

My soul had showed itself and is so present that it has firework in its energetic core what is dying to show its dashing, radiant and full color spectrum to the world. Whether I want this or not, as far the universe is concerned, they don’t give a shit about my willing. Although the universe, the energetic realm of us all, proclaims free will… forget it when your soul is on board!

In the humble humility of my former ego self I am not a nitwit nor a fractality of my former self. No way! I am potentialized in my inner self, soul grounded in its unique truth, and although my ego had set itself back I am aware that my soul needs my vessel and its ego to push me forward in the prophesied path I am walking.

So far, still good! Nude, but satisfied. Plain, but happy. Simple, but dedicated. No playing hide and seek anymore with myself but showing this same self to the outer world as I am meant to be. Gratifying all the deep lessons I got, the steep hills I walked, the downsizing by moments into falling and getting up.

Many times  bouncing, imbalanced, upset and angry but now looking back… extremely grateful for the evolutionary progress. Proud of who I become. Fierce full, full of power, strengthened and more determined with that internal firework to show my soul goodies. My phoenix has risen, transformed from a caterpillar to a butterfly standing in his own naked truth… soul truth. Awesome!

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen