Masking masquerade

All we believe is a synchronicity of our own thoughts. It is in this dualistic contractionary that sometimes the quality of your thoughts differ from what you send out. De visibility what you send out has, can have, a different background than that you show others. Your appearance might be completely controverse in what you give to other people.

In the navigation of this mind the synchronicity comes along and when people ask you are you okay and you reply ‘I feel good’ this can be misunderstood by those souls who can feel deeper than the surface shows them. Your superficiality of forth coming.
In the negotiation between the mind and the vibration you emerge and send out there might be a misunderstanding in the means of your being, your actions and even your appearances. When you meet a high sensible soul who can look ‘straight through’ you the misconception and misunderstanding of those recipients might shock you anyway. Perhaps you intend to cover your miscomphrension up or you have the intention to withdraw, even run away of souls who look deeper and meet the real you on soul level.
It is always okay to show yourself like you want to and even when you wear a mask and showing the outer world a different composition than what lives on the inner world, it is all up to you. You decide which face you put on, what mask you wear and even how you show yourself to the outer world. If it suits you, it suits you. The question is does it suit your inner world, does this apply to your inner work and far more important does this fit in your current life?
Energy never lies and when you put your best smile and your most fancy suit on and your appearance is quite astonishing maybe some will be distracted by what they are getting presented. But those souls who can feel deeper on the surface and feel that this outfit doesn’t assemble and resonate with the inner… than you are seen. Seen deeply…
Never forget that you can only meet as deep others as you have met yourself. When you live an outer shell of your humanly soul self you never can meet other souls on a deeper level. You have first have to dive deeper and let all that extraordinary covering up, the distractions, go. It might be too early, seen the divine advents calendar, to meet yourself by now but once the moment has come the universe will make you aware of your inner self, to let all those shells and outer superficial and masquerade go to make you acquainted how it feels like to be totally naked. Soul naked. Being as you are meant to be.
The synchronicity of your means will be enabled than to meet others souls on the right vibrational level and what you feel… you are showing. The reactions are more suitable and according to your inner self as ever before… As souls wear no masks and show no masquerades. They are resemblanced with self. Soul self. How vibrational awesome is that!?!
Love, Irmgard
By Irmgard Daanen