Manifest magic

In the unwillingness of myself I always intended to forget to ask what is good for me, what makes me happy or what would suit my (well) being. In this forgetfulness, with that eager drive (programmed into my soul DNA) to serve to others and focusing on them and what makes them happy I am now about to learn to ask for myself in the universal energy. Sending out my needs, requests and wishes from the heart.

As one of those things I had to change on behalf of myself is daring to ask. This knowledge was already there but the practice was a step too far. This was an almighty challenge the last months and the more I was driven out of my comforted zone the more I was moved inwards. With the result that I did forget to ask and wasn’t able to visualize what could be attracted as it didn’t interest me anymore.

One day, my best friend said, make a wish book and write every day down what you want to attract in energy. Be clear, visualize this as in the clearness and visualization lies the attraction and manifestation. And she kept wondering and telling me about the fact that she attracted her soul match due to her wish list.

As I certainly have experienced that the universe is quite magic I had my mind doubts. In the midst of my burnout I didn’t see any light, peaks and sun anymore and suffering from my deepest depression ever I couldn’t hardly feel and imagine that it worked this way. Although knowing that the universe works on demand and delivers quite some abundance when your heart is open and aligned with the universal energies, and in the gratefulness lies the abundance flow, I was a stubborn… humanly soul. Blinded by the mist of my processes what veiled my soul path.

The universe works in our favor and when you forget or don’t ask anything you might be overlooked in the big universal energetic bulb of wholeness. This is not a plain full thing but the sequenced way of delivering in abundance lies in the demand, of the soul and soulfulness.

The soul and soulfulness was rather becoming a lifeform but in the overwhelming fact of the existential truth of my own deep processes, shook again on its pillars of meaning, I just wasn’t ready enough to ask. In the focus of serving all but not myself was a learning process what stands on its own. Nevertheless, after repeated remembering of my friend I grabbed a while ago an old (and left over) small school agenda of this year and started to write, every evening before I went to sleep, my wishes down.

The wishes weren’t material wishes for so far. It was all about chances, about having confidence in stepping up into my own energetic space and more like that. Some wishes repeated itself like a place, a tiny house, in the green with lots of space to be. To be honest, most of the evenings I didn’t know what to wish for and I only wrote down: I just want to be in this world and not being so overwhelmed by all the energies what drenches me. Universal energies, other human energies, of souls of the Spirit World to many other dimensional worlds too.

The trigger of being in this is that you have to write down exactly what you wish for as the universe, the energies concerned, are near us but do not reside in our dimensional grounds. That is why they do their best to serve us but they can’t do all as their means and possibilities are limited sometimes. Even they have magic in their hands, hearts and souls.

The surprising fact is all mines now, as after months of searching I have found a house, quite a renovation project, with a lot of ground around it. I have to go beyond my own borders for this particular chance and it was served like this, in an instant, and it all is conform my wishes. I do not know whether I am the lucky buyer although it is served on a dining plate. I have no expectations and for so far I am convinced when it is meant to be…. it is meant to be.

I believe in the universal magic. I wasn’t quite surprised after what I already experienced in almost five year time after being awakened in my alignment with the universal energies what the universe is like. But that it can manifest so rapidly after making a wish list… that is pure magic. Therefore I keep on making my list granted, a habit, as it is a useful tool to get me to the right place, in the most suitable flow and in the upgrade of my soul self. Isn’t that awesomely magic? What do I have to wish more for? Don’t forget: manifesting magic is obtainable for everyone…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen