Making room for fruition

The beginning of a new year might urge us to make changes on behalf of ourself. In the escaping preference of life itself sometimes the start of a whole new year might inspire some of us to new beginnings. To take steps in order to gain. Taking a meaningful contribution towards yourself.

Not for all of us the start of a year in our timescale might inspire us to let go, or to change things all for an ‘almightier’ self: a growth into self, concerning your mind, body and soul. Life can move us, lead us, to a breaking point. You feel that you can’t go back to the old and you might be too afraid to step into the new.

The breaking news about this, when you are urged to take steps on behalf of your inner wealth, soul self or humanly self, is that once you can leave the old behind new things will start to enter. Leaving the old doesn’t mean that you consistently have to leave all the old. All what you have lived. It rather means that you are urged to feel deeply inside that by holding the old it will not be good for that same body, mind and soul.

Breaking isn’t falling. In fact it conceals growing. Inner growth. Life might be stubborn sometimes and the universe as well once you are energetically obliged to make a move, to change the old patterns or even leaving the comfort zone. Just realize it is all for the best. Your best. Soul best.

Evolution means growing and into the pains we grow but also in our happiness. The moment you get a grip on how this works you can be moved into the deepest stages of self and it might feel that you fall so deeply that there isn’t a way up (anymore). Into growth lies not only the falling but actually the realization into your inner knowing that all what you have lived, all you have to live is meant to grow to a greater you. A more potential, essential you.

Authenticity isn’t a glimpse of the reality you might intend to show to the world. Being authentically means that you have faced the deep, the unrevealed you and you might have been lead to an inner breaking point. To make you aware of your inner pains, sorrow and all what could have brought you down. To make room for sweeter things, for love, for expanding expressions. Perhaps. It all can make you enormous humble. To life, to the universe, spirit and to the path. The path of disbelief. The forgetfulness of self. The personal fight to surrender to this same life, path and evolvement as well.

Life isn’t falling all the time. Life is growing. And sometimes we have to break into our own belief system, in our own body or even in our mind to let our soul-self grow into the prosperity of its specific, unique, universal plan. Life lets me surrender, the universe made me into this, and I will surrender. Realizing that I am helped, carried and loved by that same universe as well. 2022… a year to bloom, to blossom like never before and to bring my soul-self to fruition…

Love, Irmgard

By Irmgard Daanen