Make lovable memories

When was the last time
You sat down and you realized
This is the moment that
I am really aware of “the now”?
To be in the moment
Or you just go on and on
Day in, day out
Do what you have to do
Well, actually you think you must do this
And you take no time for a relief

Why are you working so hard?
You don’t take time to relax and just be
Be in the moment called now
It’s is always now, dear children
Not in the past, not in the future
This moment now is the only moment
You can make your memories
Are these memories of joy
Of running so fast, working so hard?

What kind of work ethic you have
We do not say anything about that
But in all you want to achieve in life
In the process of being and living you
Don’t forget to take a time off
To set your soul free and
To lighten up your inner being
And make connection with yourself and others
To relax. Take a nap, a break or
Spend some time with your families or friends

There is nothing wrong with hard work
Tasks to fulfill. Do your thing in life
But do not forget to do what really matters
And that is to dwell on, be aware and
Be conscious of the now moment
Live always in this moment
Take the burdens of your shoulders
And do more what you like to do
Have fun, laugh and make beautiful
Memories with the people you love

This is extremely important
If we talk about things what last forever
Not that you worked so hard
Your whole life. Day in, day out
Not what you earned, gained or
The way how you succeed in your carrier
It’s all about the Love, the time you spend
With your loved ones
That is what counts
That is what lasts in your hearts and souls for eternity
Don’t forget that
That is what we wanted to say

Life your lives
In the now moment
With great love for the people
You really care for
Do take some time off
And spend it in happiness
Do things what you love
It’s not only about the rat race you are in
It is all about stepping out of it
For a brief moment

Take a moment
Take a moment to relax
Take a moment to relax and breath
Take a moment to relax, breath and have fun
Take a moment to relax, breath, have fun and make memories
Because, dear children, that is all there is at the end
The memories you take with you in your hearts and souls

Love, Irmgard