Magical moving into the prophesy of life

The biggest reward of all is to attempt your soul rehearsal into its own existential truth and hitting its own fan by being spectacularly moving into oneness. The most envisioned way is to expand on behalf of your soul its wellness of being by nurturing it in the best possible ways.

If you seek rest, go for the rest. Try to achieve your inner resilience and step forward into the stillness of your own being. If you want to be quiet and be more on self: be rising into your own stillness and expand your inner sanctuary by aligning with the nature.

Your natural environment is growing into the state of your soul. When it is embedded by its natural means it will set you forward, drive you into its means of being. If you feel so, act upon you desires: soul desires. It is what it is. Always on the exact moment of being. Once you are rising into your own means, your original settings, you will be able to expand conform your plan and contract too. As this suits your soul.

The almighty thing about stepping forward is to make sure that your soul has the possibility to rise in the standardized ways by serving it what is good for its prosperous meanings. If that is a place to be, act upon that. If it wants to travel, follow the leads. If it wants to release itself, stuck as it is, do so. Do not put your mind on such matters. You feel what is best for your soul… act upon that and take the possibilities, the consequences and the actions on the same time. But don’t get stuck in your own convictions, limitations and abandoned ideas of how life should be followed & lived.

It is up to you. Feel what you want. Feel deeply with your heart and soul and make that move, take the jump and step forward on your energetic path, its prophesy and move forward as it is supposed to be… Be gentle to yourself on this moment as the actual means of being are highly trembled by all the currently dwelling energy all that healing what takes place and the one and more uplifts you had and are about to come. Love, mildness and compassion is at your side now so act upon that and in the meantime you take your rest and move forward onto your foreseen path.

Love, Irmgard