Lovingly love

The crazy thing about love is that we all like it, love it and we all want to live it. The unprophesied matter of love is that we don’t want to give it away freely. With this I mean that your illuminating light, that radiant love bulb inside yourself, wants to live itself because of the fact that it will spread its love. In fact its light.

This loving light is carrying you along the settings you are in and only when you start loving yourself, embracing this same self and make this wortified existential truth, acknowledging the fact that you are a light and love bulb carried by its human carriage, you can start feeling into yourself to make this a truthful, worthful meaning of life.
The worthful meaning of life is not what you think you are but rather what you send out. Lovingly indeed but the means of this particular stand of live doesn’t make you loving as you supposed to be. Or illuminating as you are meant to be. Although we are all on the earthly learning school we are allowed to learn, to grow into our beloved self and there is never such thing as good or false when it concerns your soul processes.
We sure do like love nevertheless the main question is do you live it yourself? Livingly love, living love or loving love all starts with self. You can’t love, as you can’t love yourself. The proper thing about love is that is all starts with self. Your and only self. In the connection, the bond, the ally of yourself with the lovingly bulb what carries you around in awareness. Soul awareness. Love can’t be brought, can’t be sought, can’t be sighted or silenced. Love is, love will always be and lovingly said it is always right there when you need it. In yourself…
You are needy just like everyone else is. This is not a compassion, it just is. We cannot, you shall not, we never may us abandon ourself love. Our own love to get started with. We might loose hope, maybe faith too and lack ourself love when life showed us the other way around and still when that is the case you shouldn’t be disconnected of your self-love. As self-love is, will always be and you shall not, as this is never foreseen, disconnect yourself of your worthful self-love. The sight of love is everywhere and you shall start to feel, to smell, to breath and live the love of self. Hallelujah!
Love, love and love. It certainly is a pillar of your being too. I shall not and will not say that you must embrace yourself on a deeper level to meet yourself in that loving surrounding, soul deepened love, again. But at least you should give it a go before you keep on searching the love besides you in the expectation that it will be there. One day. It only will meet you as you have met yourself on a deepened state of being and in this illuminating existential core you can not only meet yourself but also lies the base, the connection, with others. Living love, lovingly lived love, it all starts with self and the moment you are giving yourself this love you can start sending it freely and in this energetic stream of your lovingly light you are able to meet others and meet this connection. From soul to soul. How it is meant to be. Universally seen. Don’t forget… self-love that is all about. Have a happy loving Sunday. Embrace your light and nourish it… Illuminate yourself first with it and then spread it around.
Love, Irmgard????
By Irmgard Daanen