True-heartedly said all is there. The love, the loving gestures, the loving deeds. When you search for love and you search hard in every corner and in every possible way… love will not show itself. Love is there the moment you open up and can’t be searched. Real love, we mean. Real love is felt in the heart and the soul in the humanly, everlasting search for love they just need to know and realize that every love what is searched, will be searched is already there. In their own sweet core. The core of love, sprouted by the great well of love there is nothing so peculiar and mistrusted than the human kind own rooted love. Love is a sub consequent contribution of your own existence! It can’t be searched, it can’t be evoked and it certainly can’t be ordered.

Love is, love was and love will ever be. It is an eternal grounding and component of the universal energetic gatherings. Of all in basis. Every counter of the universe, every farfetched place and even beyond measurement there is love, more love and uncountable love. In the search for love you have to search and discover your own well of love first, known as the soul. This loving blast of energy is your motor of existential truth and in this superb energetical awareness you are sourced by that same well of all offspring. Of all universal offspring. Your humanly birth, was set in love, by love and for the love. If you submerge yourself to the search of the mind to love or a loving contribution of love in your life you are so totally wrong. As this motivation lacks the real ground, the real energetic invitation and it even lacks your own loving basis. How can you possibly search for love by the mind, without a proper loving basis and even without knowing how to love self? When you desperately search for love in your life start with self. As the loving basis of all lies in yourself and in the total embracement of your essential self you will be able not only to connect with self but with all what is around you. This total, unconditional, embracement, this loving basis set by self and for self is the proper basis to get started by.

Love isn’t a thing you can suppress, love isn’t a thing you can buy and love definitely isn’t worthy as the base you start by isn’t rooted in self-love. It all starts with self-love. SELF-LOVE! Loving self. Don’t search longer and don not postpone the wish to be loved so far you truly wish this by the heart and soul. Love will be there, in one or another time (and give the universe time as time is so… so earthly. Humanlike) your wishes will be granted. Granted from the properly set basis of self-love. Is that so hard to understand for you humanly souls? Get started and set a proper basis for self and work on your intention. Make sure your wish is set by your well set basis, rooted in and by the universal love, and start from the all embracement and connectedness of self to the all-embracement and connectedness to others. It is not so difficult as you might think(!). Just get along with and unreveal that essential self to make a start with inviting love further in your life…

By Irmgard Daanen