Love starts with self-love

As the universe proclaims love and love only as the input is right from the loving source amplified energies you should be loved. Love by self and loved by others. Love connects us and love is. Beyond anything love is. Love is your guru, love is your basis, love is your motivation and love is your burning passion for whatever you love.
What do you need to love? What makes you beyond anything lovingly happy and radiant burning and sparkling in that core of yours. Love is, was and will always be. Love is the consistent factor in your life, it might or should be. Love is never wasted, always wanted and it spreads so easily that in the thought you love someone it will be instantly felt. Not consciously always but subconsciously.
Love is a fast going energy and beyond its speed you need love too. Don’t give it away so much and be reluctant as it concerns your own self-love. Love starts with self-love. As basis and rooting for self. Do you love self is the crucial question? Not the thinking the feeling of love. Do you feel loved by self?
Loving self is the most contributive and worthified gesture towards self. Loving yourself just puts your higher self on hold in its sweetest form. Self-love is evidently the most worthified love there is. Love, love and love. Happifying love. Does love sweet you, do you feel happy, lovingly happy without that thinking of yours? Heavily thought happiness isn’t happiness at all. It is highly subjective and in the remote control of the mind. Love above all and rapidly self. Okay!?!
Love, Irmgard