Love is your natural state of being

Love is your natural frequency
That is really lovingly said!
And so true. Isn’t it, dear child?
You came to earth
With pure Love and pure Light
In your energetic soul
Send from our dimension
With a task to fulfill
Assigned to your soul by our loving ‘master’
For a new or another life on earth
To contribute your God given gifts
To the greater good
The universal community of Love

As Love is your natural state of being
Energetically seen
Universally seen
You are always aligned to
The Love and the Light
Of the dimension of Light and Love
As thin cords of energy connects
Our loving dimension with your dimension
These ‘highways of energy’
Are all connected one or another
So that the Love energy and also the Light
Can flow, resonate through the universe
The more you are a child seen
In the light and Love of our dimension
The more you are aligned with our universe

You are a natural born child of the Light
With your silver lining! And it becomes thicker and thicker!
We can say so. The more you radiate your light and Love
The more you will attract equal souls
On your path of the soul to fulfill your task
You are not here to play but to contribute
To the wholeness, the loving greater good
To make the world, your dimension
More in line with our dimension
To sow with Love as flowers of Love
Has to been sown. So that others can harvest
Pick them up and plant them in their heart and souls
That they are able to, on their turn, spread the Love
And the Light with their enlightened hearts and souls
This is so important that we keep on telling this!

Love is your natural frequency of your energetic soul
Harvest Love as much as you can!
To make your soul shiver, happy and full of Love itself
As Love is the energy of your soul, don’t forget that!
We want to ask you to harvest Love as much as you can
Especially when it is concerning deep, deep soul Love!
To plant this profound Love deep in your inner being
To make your soul sparkling and shining as much as possible
So that the inner Light will be enflamed again
Your Lights were nearly extinguished! Both Lights!
Maybe you will not recognize the deep soul Love
What is laying in front of you but it is!
Make your souls happy and your inner children
They want to feel alive and playing again!

Don’t stick to what you know and lived for a long time
It is time to open the doors of your comfort zone
To open the entrance to your bit hardened heart
Because life was full of pains and harsh! But not anymore!
To let the Love, your deep, deep soul Love, in
Your struggles and pains are over, as we say so
As this Love will bring you so much joy and happiness
That everything you lived for so far will be ‘forgotten’
As your heart is bouncing, shivering and deliriously of joy
And playfulness, cheerfulness and joyfulness
Will enter into your life as soon as this Love
This sparkling radiant lightning Love will enter
Into your heart and your soul. Isn’t that great?

‘O Brother, ‘o sister it is universally seen time
To live this Love!!! You are aware of that !
Don’t postpone anymore! What could we say more?
We have already said so much, isn’t it?
As your universe we will help you, to make this step
We will help you as much as you want us to help
Your soul Love is tired. Tired of everything
Tired of waiting. Love won’t last forever you know!
As Love has to be lived. Always now! This is the moment!!!
The process needed some steps but these steps are taken
As we know the plans, the plans of the souls
Even the contract says it is universally seen time
You know what we mean! Take your step! Make the move!
Always. Because Love has to be lived! Especially this Love!!!

Written down in Love, with Love and for the Love by Irmgard