Love is all there is

Love is like a flower
Beautiful on the outside
Soft inside
Love flourishes through attention
Love is like a seed that you plant
What with care, nurture and patience
Sprouts to its full floral splendor
Love is like the sun
As soon as Love embraces you
takes you with her warmth
The solar glow descends on you
In the glimpse of the love light
You shine as radiant as the sun
Love is like a bird
That floats, high through the airspace
It floats in peace
On the flow of the air
As the wind strikes through your hair
Will love finds its way into you
Love is like the sea
Heaving on the waves
Back and forth
Between ebb and flood
Love flows along
With the wave that engulfs you
Love is like a river
Meanders along with the bedding
Where the water flows
Love finds its way
Where to the water also flows
Love is like a rock
Steadfast and firm
Solid and pure
Love is firm
A pure basis
Love is like the wind
It lifts you up and lets you down
It takes you
Like a feather in a windflaw
In windlessness it descends
Love is like the universe
Full of Light and universal Love
Sparkling and full of Light
As stars on the firmament
Love … let yourself shine like never before
Love is all-encompassing
The purest and the purest form
Of everything that is
Love is filling dimensions
Pillars on which worlds are built
Love is like the source
For the whole life
Lived by hearts
Love is everything that is
A life full of Love
Is the purest essence that exists
Live in Love!
Live for Love!
Live according to unconditional Love!
Love, as you would have loved
In love. For the love. From Love
Because Love is … everything that is!
Love, Irmgard