Live your intuitive means of life

Life is life and you live it once and you better make, or a start making, something of it. You decide and all is based on free will. Do you live your sequenced life the better or the worse? Are you happy or not?

Even in the underestimated line, the outline of being, you can considerate yourself, into the bottom of your humanity, whether you have filled your life with doing good or doing it wrong. As we live morals and standards, set and standardized from the moment you took your first breath in our dimensional surrounds you can imagine that living your idea of happiness, for the good of the bad, always differs based on your means of life, your standards and even the environment you brought up.
Never mind this intro but the conclusion of the words above is whether you live yourself totally freely, with all peculiar means of life based on your own standards of freedom, lovingly standing on your two humanly legs. Above all living your idea of life what suits you and certainly not others. Life is up to you and the moment you put your energetic space in our etheric sphere you where momentized to set your own standards, your own dreams and idea of life and the exact actual moment of feeling this, lived or not, is set by the means and the cadres of your universal plan. Your personal universal plan of being.
Life is meant to live, to set, reset and go. As many times your being needs that to be, to exist and to evolve between those same cadres of your plan. Your humanity never will and never is based on the singularity of your own means, your own idea of life and even not your own humanly mind who tells you how to live your life. This is the total misconception of life and the moment you get a grip on that particular meaning of life, things will start to change. Not based on your preoccupied mind but based on the single thought of feeling inside what resonates with this feeling and beyond.
If you have the feeling that something isn’t quite adapting to this inside feeling you can probably better step aside and refeel . Asking yourself is this really your way to go, to do or to participate? Feeling is knowing and all what you feel internally is based on those free willingly souls you are. Once adapted to this feeling, this intuitive awareness, you might be pulled to something greater and bigger as you ever had imagined. This inside pull towards whatever suits your being should not be ignored as the intuitive meaning of life is also based on this inner voice of alignment, of remembrance and to its internal wisdom of being.
Which path to take, what to do, you decide! Living those standardized morals and settings into the cadres of life, setting its own boundaries. Never mind. Just live your life that suits you and feels okay, read resonates, with your inner feeling. If you decide whether you live the good or the bad… also that is up to you as even that is based on free will. The path never will be clear as you always live the good sides of yourself. You are a dual person, a duality in energy, and although this mind astonishes you… you can only live the good as you embrace also and maybe lived the bad too. Called the both dualistic sides of your humanly self.
Life isn’t meant to bring you down… the meaning of life is to elevate your being, your humanly gathering of soul energy, to its higher plan. Just realize that getting up there is also living the minor things of life, balancing between boundaries of your humanity. Never be as hard as you can think you can be. Just start feeling into your sequences self to feel what you need to live that inner soul blast you carry along. Feel, start feeling, feel deeper and dare to rely on your intuitive leads and be consciously aware that whatever you live by the soul never can be false, wrong or bad as your intuitively bound soul, interwoven with the universal energetical chords, always knows its path, based on free will. The only time it will mislead you is the moment your personality comes in with your anxieties, trembling and dazzling contributions of the mind… The misleading concept is due to your mind, your personality and your idea of life. You don’t have to figure this out with your mind… just be. Soul be. Intuitively. Living the intuitive means of life. Your life…
Love, Irmgard????
Irmgard Daanen