Be brave enough to live your dream(s). 10 facts about dreams:

– What are you passionate about? It might be a neglected dream! A seed of your dream waiting in the spelunks of your being to be watered with love, attention and dedication. Start acting instead of ignoring

– Remember that last sparkle, that inside glow, you felt. Probably you sparkled about your dream. Dreams give your sparkles and makes you glow when you not only talk about it, act on behalf of your dreams and makings steps in order to live them

– Dreams aren’t stupid, awkward or even hard to live by. Where the soul passion flows, the soul glows! Everything will come together as you are brave enough to follow the inner leads

– Having dreams, being passionate about something or anything, it’s up to you, isn’t childish. It is really mature to chase and live your dreams. As your dreams are probably the indicated soul potential you have. Just feel deeply inside what lives there… Feel the sparkle and come alive!

– Dreams are certainly worth living. Even when others keep on telling you that you shouldn’t, couldn’t or even are not worthy or good (enough) to live your own dreams. These others are so wrong…

– YES, you can! The moment you have the guts, the possibility and the muscles to live your dream everything will be smoothened in the end. As your highly potential you is so carried by the universe to spread your talented seeds of love & light that this willing gatherings of energies are so persistent in helping you. You have their backup

– Start believing in your own dreams. If you don’t and won’t believe in your own dreams, talent and passion… who else will??? Start believing in your own worth, capabilities and potential

– You be challenged to live your dream. Never give up. Even when you feel like giving up, losing it or lost faith… Stumble and fall, crawl and drag… even when you feel totally lost in your own dream… Straighten your back, breath in and out, feel that (even tiny) sparkle again and move on… Giving up on your own dream or dreams is and never will be an option. Maybe you overlook something, try another approach but do NOT give up!

– Feed your passion. In the processes of chasing dreams and making them reality, you have to feed, refeed and nurture yourself over and over again. Feed that inner glow and keep it sparkling, shining and glowing. This is essential to carry on

– And last but not least: Never, NEVER, live someone else’s dream! Don’t put your dream aside, don’t settle for someone else’s dream and do not compromise on your own dreams! They are so worthy living!

Never forget: you a never too young, too old or too distracted to live your dreams!

Love, Irmgard💜

MY HAPPY SOUL ART by Irmgard Daanen