Live Love and Light – Channeling October 26, 2019

You are so full of Love, you are so full of Light. Why the hesitation to live this Love and Light? As your core is rooted in these sweet alignments of being you have to live you own two pillars of being too. O dear child, keep the mind off! It is devastating for this Love. This sweet sweet deep soul Love of yours. You know why you have to live it. You know why it is so important to live the sweetest contemplation there is. In the provocation of the mind lies the stubbornity, the evoked hiccups and the delay. We kindly ask you keep that mind off! We are eager to help you but in your earthly surroundings you are alone and have to fetch this on your own.

You are a very powerful soul and you will manage this in the sweetest feeling of being. Meanwhile, in the reflection of your own feelings, in the reflection of what your adaptation wants to live, in the reflection on yourself, you can overcome your anxieties… Stick to your own inner belief. Your own inner knowing. As the intuition will never lie to you. And your mind, we are sorry to say this… does. So take the right decision and base your outcome of willingness on the intuitive leads of the divine. And never, never, let yourself be distracted anymore by the misunderstanding, the directive universally unworthy and miscomprehensioned thoughts of that mind of yours.

Sweeten your life up with Love and keep that mind into its own unworthy belief of knowing as it, especially when it concerns your soul and soul related matters… doesn’t know a thing about that! That is “universal stuff” and you know that. Let your mind stick itself to the humanly stuff and just realize when it concerns your soul, soul path, soul Love or soul related matters your mind doesn’t know anything and has no clue at all what it is about. It thinks it knows… but it doesn’t.

Surrender to Love in its sweetest way, in its most tender out coming and belief and let yourself and your soul be embraced, sweeten up and nurtured with this deep, deep, deeper than deep, soul Love! And that is what we wanted to say for the now. Take advance of our information and knowing and make all the steps you need to make your soul, shine, glim, glam and bloom in its radiance of being. Look further and feel further than your humanly form and let the soul, and your intuitive leads, guide you along your path. The path of the soul. The path of soul Love…

Love, Irmgard❤️